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New British Standards 2015

BSI have revised the standards covering disinfection of water systems; BS8558:2011 is now BS8558:2015 and loses the section on disinfection.

Flushing and disinfection is now covered in much more detail in PD 855468:2015.  However, this is only a published document and is as yet not a British Standard, hopefully it will be upgraded to one in the coming months.


That said there are some important updates to this document over the BS8558:2011 document covering disinfection and we have highlighted these below.  It is important when choosing a chlorination contractor that they are familiar with the changes to the standards and have the expertise and experience to follow them.

The published standard clearly states in the Operational Plan (Section 4):

4.1. Only appropriately competent people should work on water systems.
Evidence of the competence of individuals undertaking the work should be
confirmed, indicating that the knowledge and experience of the operatives is
satisfactory for undertaking the proposed work.

4.2. Personnel working on water systems should follow the Water UK Principles
of Water Supply Hygiene [N1] or the Food Handlers: Fitness to Work
Guidance [N2] regarding medical screening and suitability to work on water
systems, e.g. exclusion from the workplace.
NOTE The Energy & Utility Skills Register (EUSR) administers The National Water
Hygiene Card 3) on behalf of water suppliers using the Principles of Water Supply

All Water Hygiene Solutions Staff hold the EUSR National Water Hygiene Card and adhere strictly to its principles, check any other contractor does likewise.