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Process Systems


Water systems can over time become contaminated for a number of reasons. Legionella and other harmful bacteria can enter the water system in small numbers from the mains supply and can multiply in the pipe work. Stagnation increases this risk and water can become a health risk.

This can be particularly important in process water systems which can include food preparation, wash down and food make-up water.  Water Hygiene Solutions Ltd can provide full chlorination and testing of entire process water systems to ensure they are clean and pose no health risk to individuals.

With specialist equipment and a can do attitude we can ensure that all parts of your system are left clean and bacteria free. All our operatives hold the Blue Water Hygiene card giving confidence when they are working on mains supplies or potable/food make-up lines.

Large process systems such as cooling towers require specialist care and equipment including foam cleaning equipment where necessary.  Water Hygiene Solutions have the necessary skills, experience and equipment to fully and safely clean large cooling towers leaving them scale and contamination free and safe for use.