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Ascension Island

Ascension Pipeline

Water Hygiene Solutions Ltd are an experienced water hygiene company specialising in the disinfection of water systems and also the management of water hygiene.  Due to this expertise and experience we were chosen to undertake a project on the Ascension Island.

A 10 km long, overground steel pipeline from the desalination plant required an internal inspection to ensure that the pipeline was not suffering internal corrosion.  This process involved the dismantling of the pipe line and the insertion of a cabled camera which could be pushed up/down the pipework to provide a high resolution image of the pipeline internals.

The pipeline provides drinking water for the islands inhabitants and both BBC World Service and military personnel.  As such contamination of the pipe work was inconceivable and due to this the main contractor approached Water Hygiene Solutions to travel with the 8 strong team and provide water hygiene consultancy during the works.

Water Hygiene Solutions provided training and on site consultancy to ensure that potential contamination risks were minimised.  Specialist monitoring equipment and a mobile laboratory was taken out in luggage for day to day monitoring of the system.

Specialist hygiene monitoring equipment was used during the works and regular microbiological samples were taken from strategic points on the system and analysis performed to ensure that no contamination had entered the system.

Replacement sections of the pipe work were required and these had been left lying open to the dirty dusty environment and held untold contaminants.  Water Hygiene Solutions provided a solution to this problem by fabricating a towing pig to ensure that the internal surfaces of the pipe were not only physically clean, but through the liberal application of chlorine were also disinfected.

Microbiological results were consistently good and the project was deemed a huge success with a significant proportion of the pipe line inspected and only a small number of issues found.