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Why Choose Water Hygiene Solutions For Main Commissioning?

It is often difficult choosing between suppliers when you are not yourself an expert and require services only infrequently.  However, it is essential when choosing the supplier of any service that you take reasonable care to make the right choice as otherwise you can end up with a substandard service that can result in bigger issues or in having to have the work performed again at additional cost.

Water Hygiene Solutions Ltd provide the following as part of our mains commissioning service and we would recommend that you ensure any other contractor can provide the same:

  1. We have a history of providing these services to some of the top events in the world.  We have provided disinfection services for all overlay mains pipework at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, the 2014 Ryder Cup, the 2013, 2014 and 2015 British Open Golf Championships and the 2015 Rugby World Cup.  These are high profile events with significant infrastructure and due to their high profile nature are highly scrutinised.
  2. Risk assessment & method statement.  WHS provide these at quotation time to ensure that you are aware of how we will perform the work and ensures all health and safety guidance is met, ensuring your insurance requirements are met.
  3. Insurance.  We hold 10 million pounds of employers liability insurance and 5 million pounds of public liability insurance and we provide proof at quotation time.
  4. Transparent quotation.  We give you a fixed price quotation and stick to this price.
  5. Fully trained staff.  All our staff are fully trained in water hygiene each holding the EUSR National Water Hygiene Card.  They also receive full training with regards to best practice on pressure testing, swabbing and chlorination and shadow our highly experienced staff until they themselves have the experience.
  6. We work to the latest standards.  The British Standards have recently changed to PD855468 and we are fully up to date with these standards and work to the guidance contained within.  We also work extensively with Water Authorities to ensure that we are meeting their best practice expectations to ensure you obtain your connection.
  7. We use top specification equipment.  We don’t use test strips or drop tests to obtain results as these are often highly inaccurate and can result in failed results.  We utilise calibrated photometers to perform all our testing..
  8. We are reliable.  Whilst the disinfection and certification of the main is not one of the most costly jobs it is often one of the most important and can significantly hold up a development.  This can lead to extra costs and/or penalties and this can run to several thousands of pounds.  It is therefore important that the company contracted to carry out the testing actually turn up at the right time and don’t let you down at the last minute.  We pride ourselves on always providing our service at the time arranged.
  9. Quality certification.  Our certification doesn’t just say we have cleaned and disinfected something, it provides full details as to the chlorine levels used, contact time, chemistry and turbidity where needed.  I also provides photographic evidence of the pipe and end caps to prove that the job has been performed satisfactorily.
  10. Full support to connection.  Where there are issues with obtaining a connection due to poor water quality or other issues not under the control of WHS we will help you in communicating with the Water Authorities to resolve these issues and help you obtain your connection.  Our experienced technical staff can communicate directly with Water Authorities on your behalf to communicate issues and fight your side.
  11. Full no quibble guarantee.  Where certification fails to get you your connection and the issues were under the control of WHS we will provide a full re-certification to ensure you get your connection at no extra cost.